Pinball Poker


Poker League. 6 weeks. Two worst weeks dropped.

Each week players get paired up in groups of 4(and threesomes if we need to). 5 games pre-selected for you. Each group is handed 72 chips divided evenly. Groups of 4 everyone gets 18. Groups of 3 everyone gets 24.

At the start of a game everyone antes up a set amount of chips to play the game. 1 chip ante in 4 player groups and 2 chip ante in 3 player groups. Everyone plays ball 1. Your ball 1 score is the cards you were dealt. Before the start of ball 2 player one can bet or call. Then player 2 either matches the bet, raises or folds like poker. Then same for player 3 and so on. The maximum a bet can reach is 2 chips per ball. Then ball 2 is played with everyone still in. Before ball 3 this is repeated. End of ball 3 winner takes the pot. Basic poker rules. 5 Ball EMs will have betting take place at the end of ball 2 and ball 4 to follow the same structure.

This goes on for 5 games. At the end of the 5 games however many dollars in chips you have left is your points for the night. With the 3/4 players groups having different total chips per player (but same overall chips available for the taking for the night) the antes will be different in each group size.

End of season winners based on total points accrued over the 6 weeks dropping a players two worst weeks. Top half in A division. Bottom half in B. Finals format will be no limit poker with tables being reformed once 2 players have been eliminated from each group.