The Super Ball


February 12st, 2022
Draft: 12:00pm
Cost: $20 Prize Pool + $20 House Fee

Pin Football Format

Tournament starts with a draft. Where players take turns picking available games as their home field. We draft in reverse ifpa ranking so the worst ranking player picks first. We randomize in the case of ties (unranked players).

If enough players are in the tournament we break into two divisions, otherwise we play as one division. Players play a whole season of 16 games. 8 games are played on the players selected home field (the game they chose in the draft), and 8 away games. Matching is done so that a player ideally should not play the same opponent twice. In the case of low attendance players may end up playing the same opponent twice. Games are head to head matches, standard 3-ball games.

After the full season of 16 games are played we move on to the finals. For finals the top 4 go on to battle each other in a standard elimination bracket. In the case of one division the top 4 win/loss records would advance. In the case of two divisions the top two from each division advance to finals. In the case of a very large turn out finals would consist of the top 4 from each division, for a finals bracket of 8 players.

The top 4/8 of finals would be the top ranked players. The rest of the players are ranked by win/loss record.

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