Festivus Flipout

Festivus Flipout

Format: Target Match Play
When: 12/11/2021 - 12:00pm | Doors @ 11:00am
Cost: $10 + House Fee

Join us for a celebration of pinball and Festivus. Awe at the unadorned aluminum pole. Air your pinball grievances. Between each round players will be given a chance to complain about something in the world of pinball (keep it lighthearted). Crappy linkages, house balls, poor sportsmanship, outlanes, or whatever pisses you off.

The format works by grouping players into 4 player groups and playing a randomly assigned game of pinball. Scoring will be 7/5/3/1. So if you come in first you get 7 points, 3rd gets 3 points, etc. After everyone has completed their round we re-group and play again. First player to get to 70 points wins the tournament and freezes the standings.

There is a $10 entry fee for this tournament in addition to the house fee. $1 of each entry goes to the IFPA, and $9 to the prize pool.

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